Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer this section if you have any questions regarding the use of our website and its services.

  1. How do I place an order on your website?

  2. You can place an order by clicking on ORDER NOW button from any page in our website. You have to fill all the required details and finally proceed to the checkout page. Feel free to contact us in case you need any help in placing the order.

  3. How do I know the status of my placed order?

  4. Please log in to your account and chat with our writer. You can ask directly about the status of your order. Even if you don’t do so, you will be notified when your order is completed. If in case the writer is offline, you can chat with the admin if you wish.

  5. I have to submit extra files for the writer, where can I do that?

  6. You can submit extra files or pass on any additional information to your writer through the chat box.

  7. Will you send me the completed document to my email?

  8. No. Our writers will upload the completed document to your account. Only you and your writer have access to this account. when your finished product is ready for download, you will get an email notification. You can download and use the document.

  9. May I know who is working on my order?

  10. We have writers from all parts of the world. You are always free to choose writers from our list of online writers. If you would like to work with any of them in future, you can request that particular writer.

  11. How qualified are the writers?

  12. We choose our writers through an intense testing process. They are holding professional degrees in various disciplines. However, they are free to work on orders of other disciplines that they feel comfortable with.

  13. Where do the writers find references?

  14. Our writers are experienced academic writers. They choose references from wherever they have access to. It may include libraries, scholarly journals, articles, books and all kinds of online resources. We assure you that our writers choose the references with diligence so that they are from credible and scholarly sources only.

  15. Do you review the writer’s work before sending it to me?

  16. No. We do not review the completed orders before it is submitted to you. We have a writer performance assessment team who will randomly check all documents uploaded to our platform. In case of rejections, disputes or refund requests, those orders will be given foremost importance. The issue will be investigated and the Review Team will take a final decision based on the conlcusions.

  17. What is your revision policy?

  18. The revision request is carried out free, without charging any additional amount if the requirements and instructions for paper remain the same as of the original order and we acknowledge that the instructions were not followed by the writer. All revision requests should be made within 14 days of delivery of the order. For more information regarding our Revision policy please go through our Terms and conditions page

  19. How do I know that I received the original document?

  20. It is our promise that every customer will receive only original work from our writers. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism and our writers are instructed to strictly adhere to it. Any violation is treated as serious deviance resulting in the termination of the writer working with us.

  21. I am confused if it is unethical to use such services?

  22. We would recommend our users to use our service just like a reference or an aid. You may please use the well-researched paper as a substitute for your valuable time. In order to avoid academic dishonesty, you can put it in your own words and make it your own.

  23. What happens if I request a writer and they are unavailable?

  24. If you request for a specific writer and the writer is unavailable, other writers will pick up your order. If you don’t want other writers to work on your order, you can wait until the specific writer responds to you. If in case, you don’t wish to work with any other writers, you may please contact the admin to ask for a refund.

  25. Why did the writer ‘opt out’ from my order?

  26. The writer may opt out from your order for a number of reasons. 1. They may have met with any personal emergencies.
    2. Some topics may be handled only by those writers who are qualified in specific disciplines. Thus some writers may be uncomfortable in working on such orders.
    3. Sometimes, the writer would be working on other assignments and they are not supposed to hold on orders and miss deadlines. So they will opt out to make it available for other writers.

  27. What to do if my concerns are not addressed here?

  28. If you have other questions or concerns, please contact our customer support and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can